Moutinho silences Old Trafford! | Man United 0-1 Wolves | Highlights

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    Bitesize highlights of Wolves' first win at the home of Manchester United in over 40 years! A fantastic attacking display was rewarded late on as Adama Traore's cross was cleared to our midfield maestro and Joao Moutinho tucked away his second goal in four visits to Old Trafford.

Reverend V +1
Reverend V

In other news, Wolves have the best commentator there is. I have watched these highlights over at SKY a dozen times but this - despite being more or less the same bits of action - is a whole different level. My favourite bit: "Five feet seven of football heaven" 😎

21 天 前
Мистер Огонёчек +707
Мистер Огонёчек

The commentary after Moutinho's goal was just amazing

21 天 前
Big Bear Recording Studio +327
Big Bear Recording Studio

The passion! Love how everyone celebrated together with the keeper after the save and final whistle. True chemistry, camaraderie and cohesion. A football TEAM. Not a team of footballers.

21 天 前
Dez +689

Chelsea fan here - honestly couldn't be happier for Wolves, they looked so comfortable throughout that performance. Class team!

21 天 前
Batz Gaming +593
Batz Gaming

Congatulations, Wolves. You guys deserves it 🥰🔥

21 天 前
Pushpender Gusain +231
Pushpender Gusain

The volley by Neves was a beauty. Equally enough, the save by De Gea was wonderful. Game was entertaining and played on fast pace. Wolves created many beautiful moves in first half. Wolves deserves this win at United home ground after a gap of 40 years.

21 天 前
Ayesha Taher +31
Ayesha Taher

The commentator is bloody insane love his energy. Wolves looked a class above the utd today. Deserved the win - Coming from a Chelsea fan

21 天 前
Abdulaziz Al-zuwawi +413
Abdulaziz Al-zuwawi

I’m an Arsenal fan and got soooooo delighted when I found out when Wolves had defeated Man Utd, especially that this victory for Wolves took place at Old Trafford. Congratulations and keep up the hard work 👏🏻

21 天 前
K B +23

I'm man utd through and through, but wolves definitely deserve all 3 points👏🏻

21 天 前
Vedansh Gaurav +117
Vedansh Gaurav

I remember the last time wolves played United, they played a great first half, created a lot but were unlucky to not get a result. This win is thoroughly deserved!

21 天 前
Enock Otwom +127
Enock Otwom

The commentary after Moutinho's goal was just amazing

21 天 前
Kevin Cupcake +14
Kevin Cupcake

I’m a Liverpool fan with Wolves as my second team - it’s a great great club and the commentary was testament to the passion and spirit at the club - well done boys you played a blinder 👍🏼👍🏼

21 天 前
Younes Mirkabdi +516
Younes Mirkabdi

the pass from Neves was the key in that goal ,, his touch is just amazing 📏📐

21 天 前
Cathal Keane +40
Cathal Keane

I’m a Liverpool fan but I love watching these wolves highlights. The passion from the commentators is great. I still go back and watch the highlights from this channel of 3-2 win against city.

21 天 前
job omari +126
job omari

Peter Drury: "Glory days are old, trophies are old, best players are old, the coach is old..... It's Old Trafford"😂😂😂😂😂

21 天 前
R G +72

This Wolves team is definitely coming on nicely, and they thoroughly deserved this win.

21 天 前
Ignore +332

Just stunning perfomence💥. We just conceded 14 goal overall this season. The prblem was in scoring goals. But after this historic win in old trafford, im hoping for more matches like this. 💛💛

21 天 前
Red Kop +191
Red Kop

Been saying it for ages...Wolves have a really good team with players who can conjure up magic moments..Great win for them

21 天 前
Jacek Dudek +165
Jacek Dudek

Joao Moutinho - love the guy since his Porto days, though it's still a mystery to me how on earth he's staying exactly 40 years young since 2008?

21 天 前
Mohammad shaker +444
Mohammad shaker

This victory is the first for our wolves since 1980 at old Trafford

21 天 前


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