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    Rick Smith, Jr.Rick Smith, Jr.
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    How did this kid not notice I STOLE HIS WATCH? ⌚️
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Rick Smith, Jr. +55
Rick Smith, Jr.

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PuzzLEGO +42

Bro he’s so nice for giving that kid a free watch

TY +1

Finessed the kid and just kept talking lol 😆

Wolfentodd +5

I love how well we can manipulate the human nerve into not noticing something changes because it’s looking for something else due to conscious thought

Top 5 Auto Repairs +278
Top 5 Auto Repairs

Cool 😎

Christian Lauderdale +339
Christian Lauderdale

I like how he sets him up to not notice the watch theft by squeezing his right hand and arm several times. That coupled with the fact he has the kid laser focused on the trick.

dyndark xy +12
dyndark xy

Plot twist: he stole his wallet and gave him his watch back as a distraction

amkobra +691

Plot Twist: He stole his Ben 10 wallet out of his pocket.

Paramyth +61

I learned this in psychology. It’s called Selection Blindness. Basically since the kids’ focus is on something else he won’t notice the little details.


You can tell he’s an amateur because he doesn’t set the lid on stage so that he’s facing the audience. That’s staging 101…

papi is coming
papi is coming

Wow, it’s amazing how he didn’t even feel his hands grabbing onto the watch and taking it off, so realistic.

4 小时 前
Josh +12

Imagine after the guy said you could have your watch back the kid responds...

A Creative Lifestyle {God•Family •Hustle } +4
A Creative Lifestyle {God•Family •Hustle }

It’s easy for us to miss what’s obvious when our mind is occupied on what’s happening in front of us. Nice trick 👌🏽🔥

28 天 前
Zonzd +2

I remember when Rick came to our middle school when I was in about 8th grade and it was the most hyped assembly we had throughout middle school, had everyone throwing cards around the school swearing they mastered your technique 🤣

cunt. +2

I love this, entertaining the kiddos and blowing their minds :) not saying this wouldn’t work on me he would totally pickpocket me before I noticed 😂

Bar Code +21
Bar Code

This guy's slight of hand is amazing, great for theiving!

Tshesko ElMaximus +18
Tshesko ElMaximus

It's called "Selective Blindness"

Ice Bear +1
Ice Bear

I love how every magician just starts shouting near the end of a trick😅

Flash and Arrowverse 14K +2
Flash and Arrowverse 14K

Slight of hand and miss direction impressive, wonder if your good with cards? ⚡️

John Grocki +16
John Grocki

Plot Twist: the kid is actually an even higher level sleight of hand master and stole the demonstrator’s wallet and wedding band… that day, the student became the teacher… His items were never returned and the young boy went on to rob his middle school blind making over $50,000 in just the three short years he was there. Eventually he got arrested the day he turned 18 during his senior year for armed robbery and is now doing 5 years upstate. He later explored his faith and turned to religion and has read the Bible a whopping 7 times over the course of his first 2 years in prison. He currently has only 5 months left on his sentence and intends on becoming a priest when he gets out.

28 天 前